One-Sided Color Sheet

One-Sided Color Sheet Real Estate Printing

Includes 1 photo
Each additional photo is $150
$195 for additional 500 copies


Recommended Text is 12-20 lines of type

The 8.5 x 11 Color Sheet is our standard order. The basic brochure includes 1 photo, which bleeds off three sides of the page. This photo is often a large exterior shot of the property, but a beautiful interior can capture the ambiance of the home as well.

Though not included in the base price of the brochure, additional photos may be added for $150 each. It is ideal when selling an exceptional property to include more than one photograph. Often agents will include both an exterior and interior shot. This helps give potential buyers a better feel for the home.

This is the perfect order to distribute at open houses or for window display. There is not much room for text, unless you choose to have black and white backside printing. Our philosophy is that photographs will speak more directly about the quality of your listing than voluminous text.