How to Order

How to Order a Postcard or Brochure

How to Order a Postcard or Brochure


Call your local Iris Group Staff Photographer to schedule a photo session at the property. Follow his/her instructions on how to place an order. If your area does not have an Iris Group Staff Photographer, you are considered a Freelance Order. Please email to begin your order. We will send you a purchase order to fill out, sign and get back to us. We will also give you instructions on uploading your high resolution photo(s). You may also want to see our Photography Specifications.


E-mail us your text information from our Submit Your Text page, by emailing or using the online form. Please remember that you are 100% responsible for its accuracy, so please pay close attention to spelling and numbers.


Please discuss and approve the photos and brochure format. Your Iris Group photographer will forward the photos, signed purchase order and payment to us. If you are working with a freelance photographer, you will be responsible for sending the photos, any special instructions, your logo, and payment to The Iris Group. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.