Extras and Add-Ons

Extras and Add-OnsThese prices apply to all of our orders, regardless of the product type, or the quantity purchased. Please review these carefully to both familiarize yourself with our charges, and to see if there is something you may like added to your brochure. You can, of course, check with your photographer, or contact us here at the office if you have questions about these charges.

no cancellation
100% of brochure cost
excessive changes (more than 2)
EXPRESS order (includes Overnight delivery)
format changes
$50 minimum
custom design
$100 minimum

maps, special artwork
$75 minimum
color proof
$35 if order is under $1000
backside printing
  • Black & white backside
$125 (500 copies)
  • each additional 500
$50 (500 copies)
  • reprint order - backside
$75 (500 copies)
type changes on reprint order
$25 (text changes only)
late type changes
$100 min. after plates are made
photo purchase/additional usage
determined by photographer
oversized scan (larger than 6 x 8.5)
$100 each
photo manipulation/edits
$35 minimum
rescan image
$75 per image
agent photo on brochure
agent to provide
black & white agent photo
$30 ($15 each time thereafter)
color agent photo
$50 ($25 each time thereafter)
web-ready images/burn image to CD, USB or sent digitally
$35 per image
overnight or Saturday delivery
agent pays extra cost
travel fees
to be determined by photographer